Hisham Kabir, Entrepreneur in Kerala, Talks on Opportunities in Food Processing and franchising sector.

Entrepreneur from Kerala, Hisham Kabir speaks on local raw business management that he has learned from the such entrepreneurs.

True Foodie, Should Know Whats Cooking All About & Be Responsible.

Eat Kochi Eat if you are a foodie,

Foodie in Kochi

I am a foodie as much as you are, that special taste and aromatic flavours are something that gives me a true high, undoubtedly. we are those set of foodies, who love to try any food as long as it does not bite us back. Be it Crocodile ribs may be, so.

We love flavors, be it lime tosses grilled fish in continental marination or may be spicy kholapuri chicken curry, or may be ghee roasted chicken, to butter garlic prawns to kuttanadan duck roast, to Kumarakom fish curry, to smoked salmon or American chop suey to our very own biryanis.

maybe we almost eat Chinese at least once every week unknowingly

if a food makes us happy we are so excited to call our friends and inform them about this place and make them enjoy, there is thrill which you get once when you inform your friends of this newly found this eatery. especially if it’s unknown. Its like you made a discovery. wow. on top of that, you publish this on all foodies and all social media, where ever you are active.

however, there are several times where we feel terrible about the food and the service provided. specifically, if it’s a reputed eatery or brand of a restaurant, I am sure being foodies we might have felt looted if they charge you rates beyond normal acceptance.

however, our anger is higher if it’s a premium restaurant.

imagine having a fish where prices are not mentioned, and you end up paying price that’s several times higher than what you would have expected, you are not happy yes we are not.

we can have good food from a local eatery and pay average prices and feel really happy about it, however, we can food from a much expensive outlet and not feel happy even if its better than the local ones, not to forget the premium like a, better cleaner chairs, quality water that comes with it. however, we love it when the prices are compelling or let me put it like this, if the food is good and the price is reasonable we love it, if the food is good and the price is too high we may like it but not repeat this place often.

Are you a true foodie? then let us be responsible, before we make public reviews specific to social media.

The first question

Do you know cooking or process involved in cooking.

Do you know how food is prepared in real time environment? standing in the kitchen from 7 am up to 11 am, in heat and small spaces.

Let me put an example of biriyani, if you want original biryani that’s made in firewood, the temperatures near it is almost 90degrees, you may not stand near it for one minute forget stirring rice and to add masalas and meat to it.

Any food that not machine made like KFC or mc Donald’s, need human intervention. and as long as human intervention is needed in cooking there may be some acceptable taste variation.

If you make biryani for seven days in such temperatures all 7 days u will a new dish may be not biryani.

However, its sad to observe, now a new breed of keyboard warriors have emerged who just go about writing critical reviews if they did not like the taste, or if it’s not up to their liking.

Some even mention the food was ok but the service was bad, please do not mix, food, price, and service and determinant for food reviews.

In Kerala quality manpower is challenge, still everyone has their GULF dream, so its way too tough to get quality people to service you, they work with TAJ or Le Meridian, with paltry salary so that they get a job offer in gulf, but are not willing to work for smaller restaurant even if the pay is thrice, we often has experienced waiters coming to us in such a way that they are unhappy that you came to their restaurant.

Restaurants owners have one dream, to make good food, make people enjoy their food, get repeated business and make his venture a great success, no one starts a restaurant with an idea to give poor food or service, lets be generous to them with our words and let us help them get good business if their food is good.

I am a responsible foodie,








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