Hisham Kabir is the Chief Executive Officer at Ideal Caterers, a leading outdoor caterer in Kerala, Established in the year 1984, and among the pioneers in organised professional outdoor catering units.

Ideal Caterers is venturing into convenience foods segment which include ready to eat meals and ready to cook foods. One among the fastest growing food segments in the country.

With post graduation in advertising from Symbiosis Institute, Pune and Masters in Management from Mumbai.  Have worked with few leading advertising firms in mumbai and Kerala.


Catering, Food Technology, Food Franchising, Event Management,Wedding food caterer, Wedding Planner,Management Training,Advertising, Marketing, Creative Writer, Blogger,Operations, Publishing, Content, Public Relations, Brand Management, Copywriting, Web & Internet,


2 thoughts on “About Hisham

  1. Venu 9970941307 says:


    I am imnpressed by some of your blogs.

    I find your messages, well researched and well thought through.
    Very informative was your blog on Leading brands ( of Music industry, Cameras etc).

    Sure, look forward to more updated from you.

    Best Regards

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